About Damon

Industry Trade Background:

Damon independently entered the study of electronic theory in 1981 from a lot of reading material and many experiment kits from electronics store vendors in NYC.  Around this time Damon also attended math tutoring at The Teachers College to help further his understanding of certain math constants. By 1983 when Damon turned pro, he started repairing hi-tech home-audio equipment and VCR’s then his interest grew more towards car-audio repair, and custom installation. Car audio repair and installation was in high demand and extremely popular through out the 1980’s.

After gaining massive experience and becoming known for quality car-audio repair and creative installations, it inspired Damon to further his electronics education. Damon attended the A.M. School Of Technology in 1986, and by 1987 Damon was on regular service call from multiple shops for various repair projects. Damon continued along this inspirational course until 1992 when his industry interest gravitated towards the servicing of communication devices. By late 1993 Damon was heavy into the communications repair industry and stayed in this branch until 1999. This is when he had seen his first plasma TV being advertised for $6000 dollars on a television commercial. By year 2000 Damon immediately turned his full attention to this new TV technology and decided to enter this branch of electronics servicing.

Because of the newness and cost of plasma TV’s back then, it was very difficult to obtain full hands-on servicing experience in the very beginning. It took 2 years (2001-2003) to gain full hands-on servicing experience and knowledge on a fair amount of plasma sets. After 2004 Damon’s component level servicing on Plasma sets began to blossom and take shape along with LCD TV servicing. Damon is currently repairing Plasma and LCD sets full time while studying electronics engineering, and is always following CES conventions for the next TV technology and industry changes. Damon wants to engineer and design circuits for Plasma/LCD TV’s in the near future, he recommends (EET) Electronic Engineering Times to all modern TV technicians who like lots of real time industry knowledge on components and IC chips. His other best seller ebook are Plasma TV Repair Guide and LCD TV Repair Secrets.