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My Name is Damon Morrow and I am a professional Electronics Engineering Technician specializing in LCD and plasma TV repair servicing at semiconductor level. If you are a professional technician or an advanced student searching for troubleshooting and servicing information on LCD TV mainboard power faults then you have arrived at the right place. The content inside of this handbook is very secretive and hidden information on three main board IC chips which manufacturers don’t want independent TV technicians to know about.

This handbook provides professional TV technicians some basic hidden knowledge on three major IC chips known to fail and cause various power problems on LCD TV mainboards. Technicians can practice the testing of these three chips to help reinforce a basic understanding of how these three chips function together and how they have failed (case history). This handbook consist of over 50 pages of solid real world servicing information and very well known problems with these three mainboard IC chips. Owning this handbook will provide professional TV technicians an  industry awareness about the operational importance these three chips perform, and they’re known contribution to main board power failures.

The content in this handbook assist with reducing the learning curve in testing these three important IC chips on LCD TV mainboards. Since these three main board chips have a known failure rate having basic knowledge on them can increase your LCD TV repair count in which can provide higher return profits. This handbook is strictly written and compiled for professional TV technicians or advanced students of electronics. The content inside is a very good compilation of hidden servicing information on three critical mainboard IC chips responsible for providing and supplying power for various areas of the mainboard including memory.

This handbook comprehensively illustrates and guide you through all available for information involving these three IC chipsets on LCD TV mainboards. From advanced students to seasoned professional TV technicians this handbook makes available the ability to heighten their main board troubleshooting knowledge by standardizing and capitalizing on these three IC chips as part of their everyday mainboard troubleshooting sessions. This handbook exposes three major IC chip semiconductors which serve a vital operating role in maintaining proper power levels for high speed memory on LCD TV mainboards including functionality, memory speed, and performance capabilities. These three IC chips govern and control important power levels, logic states, and memory termination on LCD TV mainboards.


  • Systematic voltage control
  • Level shifting
  • Switching regulation control
  • Pwm control loops
  • Current limiting
  • DDR memory voltage
  • Suspend to RAM protection

This handbook exposes secretive factory information on LCD TV mainboards such as new engineering topologies and protocols which do not use 5V as a system voltage or standby voltage anymore, and what the new standard voltages are for high-speed mainboards. Over 50 pages of exclusive in house information such as which secret pins from the three IC”s to quickly check and determine mainboard power failure and cross checking to confirm a fault. These specific pins are absolutely critical for other sensitive circuits on the mainboard to function correctly. This handbook also explains major engineering changes around the globe for LCD TVs and the ever-increasing need for high-speed processing and new voltage interfacing protocols.

Owning this handbook and knowing about these three main board IC”s is a basic start in an effort to prepare and inform professional technicians for what’s to come with new design changes and voltage standards for advanced LCD TV mainboards. These changes and standards have already started and are in mass production by manufacturers of advanced high-speed mainboards for LCD TVs.

Here’s a preview of some pages from the LCD TV Main Board Power Faults Guide!

This handbook comprehensively illustrates and guides you through all available LCD TV mainboard power faults information.

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