Announcing LCD TV SMPS IC CHIP Faults Finally Revealed! 


Now available and presenting exclusive low profile servicing information about 3 major IC chips known to fail on LCD TV SMPS boards.

Dear Electronic Technicians,

My name is Damon Morrow and I am a professional Electronics Engineering Technician and I specialize in LCD and Plasma TV repair servicing at semiconductor level. If you’re a professional technician or advanced student searching for repair and troubleshooting information on LCD TV SMPS chips then you have arrived at the right place. The content inside this handbook I am sharing is very low profile hidden SMPS chip information manufacturers don’t want the independent professional TV technicians to know about.

In this handbook professional technicians can practice the testing of these 3 chips to reinforce a basic understanding of how these 3 chips work and how they have failed (case history). This handbook consists of over 50 pages of solid real world servicing information and well known errors with these 3 SMPS chips. Owning this handbook will provide professional TV technicians a heads up awareness about the functional vitality these 3 chips perform and their known contribution to SMPS failure. The content in this handbook assists with shortening the learning curve in testing these 3 critical IC chips. Since these 3 SMPS chips have a noticeable failure rate knowing about them can improve your LCD TV repair count thus provide a more financial profit.




This handbook is strictly written and compiled for professional TV technicians or advanced students of electronics. The content inside is a good compilation of hidden service information on 3 critical SMPS IC chips.

Here’s a preview of some pages from the LCD TV SMPS Guide!

This handbook comprehensively illustrates and guides you through all available fault information.

Preview Ebook

Click here to read my preview ebook of the “LCD TV SMPS“.Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed in order to read my book, but if you don’t currently have it, a free download is available at

This handbook comprehensively illustrates and guides you through all available fault information concerning these 3 SMPS IC chips. From advanced students to seasoned professional TV technicians this handbook offers the technician the ability to increase their SMPS troubleshooting knowledge by factoring and standardizing these 3 IC chips as part of their general SMPS troubleshooting sessions.

This handbook exposes 3 major chip semiconductors which serve a major operating role in the functionality and performance of LCD TV power supplies. These 3 IC chips govern critical phases and modes of LCD TV power supplies including:

  • standby mode
  • start up cycle
  • self check phase
  • main converter (buck/boost)
  • full run voltage
  • power efficiency and management


This handbook exposes hidden Factory information on LCD TV SMPS boards such as the differences between real self check systems and fake self check systems and how to identify each system as well as testing. Over 50 pages of exclusive inhouse information such as the secret pin located on the main boards core processor chip which is the critical communication line for startup between the SMPS board and the main board. This pin is absolutely vital for a successful power up profile. This secret pin is very different from the PS_ON pin.

The handbook pushes further about the major industry changes around the globe that will certainly affect the way in which professional TV technicians service LCD TV SMPS boards. Owning this handbook and knowing about these 3 SMPS chips is a general start in an effort to prepare professional technicians for what’s to come soon in advance SMPS servicing………………in fact, has already started.


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